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Re: Substitute Teaching

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MichaelDelahunt (MichaelDelahunt)
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 17:25:38 -0700

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<bold>,Internet writes:

</bold><x-quoted>I am currently getting my art cerification and I have rece=
ntly started

substitute teaching. I enjoy substitute teaching and do it in the high

school and junior high levels, but I have some problems. I am only 22 year=

old and look like I am still in high school mys</x-quoted>el<x-quoted>f. T=
eachers who don't know

me ask me for my hall pass. I try to dress up more and that seems to help=

but not always. Also, I don't know how to make the students take what I am=

saying seriously. I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on=

how to maintain order in the classroom.


Scotch Plains, NJ</x-quoted>


Find out from faculty what they do (and what they expect administrators to =
do)-- what system of rewards and other consequences they employ. Find out w=
hat standards they recommend for the control of noise, attention, movement,=
etc.-- what behaviors they find they need to encourage, discourage, and ac=
cept, and how. Practise using a =22teacher=22 voice, and holding your groun=
d without flinching, while at the same time being generous with your praise=
s and gentle humor. It's crucial to have some systems and to be consistent =
in using them. Nevertheless, what you will find effective will come from th=
e ways your students =22read=22 you-- what you represent, your expectations=
, the qualities of your interests in students, in life, in art, and in teac=
hing art to your students.

Everyone in our profession has had rough moments, days, and years, Jessica.=

We need LOTS more great art teachers all across this country.=20

Keep your eyes on your goals, your ideals.=20

If you're good, people will find out, you'll get a job, you'll love what yo=
u do, and many will appreciate what you work so hard doing.

Good luck=21

Michael Delahunt

Sonoran Sky, Scottsdale, AZ

ArtLex - a dictionary of visual art is at

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