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Re: Early finishers

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Sat, 14 Dec 1996 05:47:01 -0500

Last year I started having my students do Theme Books - a year-long
assignment that I grade monthly. I encourage them to add to them whenever
they finish an assignment early because if they don't find time to work on
them in class they do them as homework. I very rarely hear "What can I do
now" anymore.

General Jest of THEME BOOK:
Select a theme of great interest to you. Be sure it is something you have a
real passion for since you will be working on this project all year. Create
illustrations, sketch, write poetry, include factual information, related
ideas, fantasies, magazine cut-outs, and/or pictures from other sources,
stories and any other visuals or written materials related to your topic.
This book should be a work of art! Every entry should be visually pleasing.
Add borders, illustrations, calligraphy, etc. to make it as attractive as

I will grade these books twice each grading period on the dates listed below.
You may work on them when you finish an assignment early, during guidance, or
if we have a substitute. (Note: I include instructions in sub plan folder).
Keep your eyes and ears open for possible entries as you watch TV, look at
magazines, listen to people talk, etc. Make family and friends aware of this
project and have them help you find pertinent information.

Some students really love these and go WAY beyond required number of pages. A
few students who haven't yet excelled in drawing (I never give up hope!) find
this their niche. I wish I could say this idea was original - got it from
shared lesson plans at a conference. Hate I don't have teacher's name handy
to give credit. I have passed this idea on to friends who also love it. Will
give more details if you are interested.

Mary Jane

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