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Re: Art teachers who actually make art, sell art...etc.

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Sat, 7 Dec 1996 11:21:31 GMT

Hi Marilyn and others, I just want to say how very much I agree with
Marilynīs response to Alice Vinn about "art teacherīs making art".
Especially do I agree with this part:
<I am a bit perplexed about your questions because it seems to imply that
the teacher/artist creates his/her own artwork the classroom. Apart
from not having the time to do so, (I am too busy teaching) I certainly
don't think it would be positive for the students. As for making art in the
classroom for a client.....I should think that would be conflict of
It seems to me impossible to think about an art teacher creating their own
artwork in class while teaching! I donīt even think one should project ones
own work into the teaching except to a minimum.
I am an artist and a art teacher and for me it goes hand in hand also when
I am not producing any artwork for I believe you can be an artist and not
produce art at all times. I make most of my works, painted quilts, during
the summer but I gather ideas and thoughts in many different way during the
winter, taking long walks in nature, talking to other artists, sketching
etc. I also do many other creative things during the winter, making all
sorts of crafts and sometimes taking part in cooperative artworks or shows
with other artist. I do believe as I said before that the artist and the
art teacher cannot be without eachother in me as a person, but when
teaching art I am teaching and even if that to me is also creating I am not
at that time producing my own art works. That I do in my studio.