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Re: Wanted: Art teachers who actually make art....

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Sandra Hildreth (shildret)
Wed, 4 Dec 1996 21:36:17 -0500

I am not an artist who is also an art teacher - but an art teacher who is
also an artist. I emphasize the difference because I think both activities
take alot of time and committment, and I think one has to choose one over
the other. I don't believe one can really do their best in the classroom if
an art business is considered of more importance. If you want to be a good
teacher, you've really got to put your whole heart and soul into it - plus
a lot of time! I do my own artwork when I can.

Alice Winn wrote:
> My questions are ; How do students respond to the works in progress?
I sometimes bring my work in, but I don't want to overpower my students
with my level of competence. I find it much more effective to sit down with
them when they are working on a still life or something and start one as
well. I rarely finish them, because the students deserve more of my time
and attention than I can put into the artwork, but at least I set a good
>Do they ever adopt a similar style?
No. Those who try, I try to help develop their own style.
>Do you as the educator make art in the classroom for a client, artshows,
>galleries, or for your
ouw personal satisfaction?
No. My own work requires more time and concentration than I can devote to
it during a 42 minute class. And the taxpayers are paying my salary to
teach their children, not to do my own work.
>Do you think it is important to be an artist/teacher? Why or why not?
Definitely important for an art teacher to maintain some personal activity
in the arts, but it can be at any level of committment that they have time
for. Sometimes family and work take up 100% of my time.
> I am interested in how you organize time and in how your work is
>marketed or ordered. In other words... tips.
I don't sell much because I really don't pursue it actively. However, I
currently have work in a local Art Gallery, I have donated work for a
public radio station fundraiser, I do some commission work, I send work to
juried shows (and sometimes get accepted), and I have a home page on the
web that illustrates alot of my work with a link to the gallery that is
handling it.
The big question is if you feel being a classroom artist is a benefit to
your students?
>Is it ever a detriment?
Never - except I do know of art teachers who ignore their students and work
on their own art work during school time, and I think that is detrimental
to our profession.

Sandra Hildreth <shildret>
C.L.A.S.S. (Cultural Literacy through Art & Social Studies)
Art 7-12, Madrid-Waddington Central School, Madrid, NY 13660
Art Methods, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY 13617