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Margaret Grosspietsch (Margaret.M.Grosspietsch-1)
Tue, 3 Dec 96 20:37:45 -0600

Responding to the message of <32A3DE68.6C01>
from Nancy Nigl <playthings>:

Dear Alice,

This may not answer your questions (sorry) but is instead further food for
thought or perhaps a twist for your research.... We just discussed in my art ed
class tonight how principles of math are taught in math (not how to be a
mathematician or what the mathematician's life is like), principles of science
are taught in science (versus what the scientist's life is like), principles of
grammar, communication, literature, etc. are taught in language arts (versus
modleing the role of a writer) and then we debated why art instruction has
deviated from the approaches of these other disciplines by having the student
focus on "being an artist" first and, if principles about the world of art are
taught, those often come second. (Now please don't jump on me--I don't mean to
stereotype the way art is taught--I know there are bound to be MANY exceptions
to this description!)

I may not be explaining this right... but the contrast between these approaches
made many of us scratch our heads. We've been developing curriculum units for
our upcoming student teaching experiences and are often called upon to defend
what we've chosen to teach. Your question about modeling the role of the artist
in the classroom was just too ironic in terms of my class' discussion on
principles taught in other subjects versus art.

My classmates and I are from all walks of life, but we share in common having
first pursued degrees in studio art at one time or another (some of us currently
produce, some of us don't), and we're now pursuing masters degrees in art
education. The urge to teach and help foster the development and growth of
others is as strong if not stronger than the urge to create, for me.

Good luck with your research and your quest for more of your own production