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NCSEARCH Inc. (0006936310)
Sun, 31 Dec 95 08:54 EST

Here are a few things that have helped me deal with the issue of "respect"
and support of my art ciriculum:

1. I publish a one page newsletter that I send home with every student at my
school (135 kids). It goes out once every two weeks. (It takes about an hour
on Windows to type up, and I draw in cartoons to illustrate the topics) In
this newletter I outline in short headlines and a few sentences everything I
am doing in each class. I also make requests for help, volunteers, supplies
etc. My parents REALLY enjoy and appreciate this newsletter.

2. I refer to my room as THE ART STUDIO. I address all of my students as
"ARTISTS". I focus on the arts with a few crafts mixed in. I've just
completed a tour of art history with my Kindergardners.
3. I've posted a "MISSION STATEMENT" on my studio's doors. I hand out this
same statement to parents on open house night at the beginning of the year.
In short I have stressed the importance of BEING CREATIVE as a valueable
work trait for EVERY CHILD in the future. "THE WORLD WILL BELONG TO THE

4. I have some of my own art in my school art studio, I've brought in
artists from the community to make presentations, and invited parents to my
own art shows. I stress with my parents and administrators that I What I
have to offer that is unique comes from being a "real" artist.

5. Currently, I am working with a resturant near our school to allow me to
permently display my artist's work in their dinning room. The frames would
will allow us to rotate in different works. Each child who has work up will
get a coupon for a free cookie if they come in to see their work. This
arrangement should provide lots of free advertising for the School and the

6. I've also held parent's nights when parents and children can come and
make art together. I use these classes to re-stress to parents what my
ciriculum values- like creativity over productivity, using your mistakes,

7. In general I am striving to make my program well understood and loved by
students AND parents AND administation. I hope my parents see my ciriculum
as an irreplaceable and VALUED portion of their children's education at our
school. This I feel is my greatest protection against lossing my room or
budget cuts, etc. I act as a professional and am treated as one in return.

Hope this helps.

Todd Drake
New Garden Friends School
Greensboro, NC
e-mail direct at NCSearch