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Re:[teacherartexchange] Kiln Questions


From: Tim Reed (freshairoasis_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Dec 22 2006 - 10:35:12 PST

Hi Kim!

I know where you can get the exact information that
you?re looking for. It is not free, but is was
designed so that art teachers can not only get a
collection of the best ceramic oriented tips for their
classroom, but also be able to get it all from one
source and priced in a way that most marketers would
be in horror for being ridiculously low.

The site is for the Art Teacher Ceramic Center that
you can go to at this address:

The information on this site is geared for everything
the ceramic art teacher needs to know about electric
kiln firing and avoiding clay and glaze defects. It
has a series of eight different topics in the form of
eBooks for immediate download. You can either get one
particular eBook or the whole collection, and they
cover just about every aspect of successful kiln
firing and clay work defects that you can imagine.

There is a whole eBook dedicated to selecting the
perfect kiln for any particular situation. It
literally covers EVERYTHING you will possibly need to
know from how to determine equipment sizes and
accessories, to how to talk to and order it all from
your supplier. It covers everything electrical you
need, step by step, so that that you will never make a
mistake as to what you have and what you need. It
covers all the post and shelving questions you will
ever have, as well as all the kiln venting questions.
Simply put, it is the most complete and comprehensive
collection of information available out there and
written especially for art teachers that need all the
best info in one convenient place.

The rest of the eBook series on kiln firing covers
everything you will ever need to know about inner
relay and thermocouple operation within the kiln (that
is, with automatic control kilns). There is even a
separate eBook on manual practical firing with
KilnSitters more complete than even the Dawson
KilnSitter company supplies; the best practical tips
and troubleshooting guide available. In short, this is
exactly the stuff that every art teacher is looking
for, but simply don?t have the time or experience to
search it all themselves.

As a final note, the clay and glaze defect 2-part
mini-series has been independently described as the
greatest single collection of Clay work
troubleshooting information ever written especially
for the ceramic classroom. This is where to get all
the really good and effective stuff; the tips that
really get straight to the problem and its solution.

You just can?t lose with this information because it
actually comes guaranteed to be a real benefit to you
or your money back. Each single eBook is only $8.49
and the whole collection is only $24.97 right now!
Yes, you heard that right. I think most of us would be
willing to pay that much if we really thought it would
solve only ONE big issue we were having, but this deal
is one of those hidden gold mines of problem solvers!

Well, enough said about that. I just thought it would
help you to pass this along. I hope you find the
answers that you are looking for.

Tim in Charlotte

(PS In my opinion Skutt kilns are definitely the best
value for schools. I have personally firing all the
major brands, there are all capable and many of the
group are quite good, but when it's all said and done,
Skutt has my money on my next kiln purchase.)

Kim wrote:

Subject: Kiln Questions
From: Kim Ans <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 13:26:20 -0700
X-Message-Number: 3

After 7 years of asking I have finally received
funding to purchase a new kiln. (Ironically they
finally fixed the old kiln last year after 6 years of
asking but I am not giving up the funding!) However I
am confused about the wide variety of kilns available.
What is the difference between a single phase and a
three phase. honestly I only do the very basics with
the students (HS) but I still want to get my money's
worth. The kiln I have now is a kiln sitter model
(ancient) and I thought it might be nice to get an
automatic kiln with a kiln controller. The Skutt kilns
seem to fit into my price range ($4000.00 CND) but I
thought that I would ask for some advice before
jumping in and buying the wrong thing.

Thank you!


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