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RE: [teacherartexchange] Museums vs. internet


Date: Tue Dec 05 2006 - 13:38:27 PST

A good comparison is a snapshot. Someone who was a part of the action in
the snapshot will know more about it then another person just looking at
it. Same with art in a museum. You can't get the whole experience by
just LOOKING at it on the internet, books, or prints; you need to be a
part of it. Every time I have seen a masterpiece in a museum, I have new
respect for the artist.

Case and point is my love for Impressionism. A few years ago, it was
just an artistic period for me. I tend to like realism, and didn't
"feel" Impressionism. Then I got to see the Impressionists in Paris
exhibit in Atlanta. It literally brought me to tears. I was able to FEEL
the scene impressionists were painting. Now, I am a total fan of
Impressionism, I can't get enough of it. Even my husband, who is an
engineer, and I have to DRAG to museums (unless they have cars or
machinery) was awed by the exhibition, and I don't think he will ever
argue with me again when we have such an opportunity.

I agree with what others have said on preservation/treasury aspect of
museums too. It's like a scrapbook, if we don't do it now, (saving the
artwork vs. saving pictures) and document what we know, the information
will be lost forever. (Coming from a mom of 4 who has only documented
the first year of two of her children's lives in scrapbooks...thank the
Lord I didn't become a museum curator!)

Laura Drietz
Art Teacher
Brookings Middle School

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From: Hillmer, Jan []
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Hi Woody,
She's in a small college in Indiana, southeast of Chicago, and she LOVES
the museum experience. She's just got to learn how to defend it. She
already works at the museum at her college, and did an internship last
summer at the Tampa Museum of Art. I'll pass along your words of


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On Dec 5, 2006, at 6:36 AM, Hillmer, Jan wrote:

> I'm trying to analyze the value
> of art's actual, physical existence (and thus the existence of
> museums)
> over its intellectual accessibility now present to people
> everywhere via
> the internet. Do you have any ideas where I can find information about
> the value of museums? I just don't know what to read...all of our
> texts
> disrepute museums and knock them for preserving archaic ideas of
> intelligence, wealth and power attached to art and thus creating a
> sense
> of exclusivity.

Wow !! Where do I start. Access to images to art via the internet is a
wonderful thing, but vs. the existence of museums ??? I hope your
and the other students at her college has had multiple opportunities
to visit
and experience "actual" museums. There is no comparison between the best
virtual image and the real experience of being in the presence of the
object. A great museum is much more that a place to preserve art. A
museum requires a public that comes to experience it's treasures.

I'd type more and more but I need to leave to give a tour of the
Albuquerque Museum for 2nd graders. The first thing I'll tell my
young visitors is that the museum and the art and artifacts in it
belong to them. Our museum is owned by the city and funded by
our taxes. As one of 150 well trained Docents, I say: don't look
for articles and books to support her paper - just visit any good

Woody, Retired in Albuquerque

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