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Re: [teacherartexchange] Powerpoint Questions ???


From: Diane C. Gregory (dianegregory_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Dec 08 2005 - 13:17:32 PST

Hey Woody,

Keynote is set as your default presentation software. I believe you can change
this within the preferences of Keynote, itself. The same thing happens with
Safari. Safari is the Macintosh default application Internet Browser and you
can reset that within Safari's preferences, as well.

The problems you encountered will still occur, though. It is not a Keynote and
PowerPoint problem. I run into this all the time. It really has nothing to do
with the presentation software per se; it is more a PC and MAC operating system
software issue and screen resolution issue. I work on a Mac at home and use a
PC at school to deliver lectures to 80 students at my university.
Ocassioanally the images and text are changed a bit. I have learned not to put
text and images too close together in case there is movement of the text and
images when I go from MACs to PCS. In my case I suspect it may have something
to do with my screen size at home and the screen size at school. I think my
screen size at school is set to a smaller resolution than at home which causes
the changes. I could change my screen size at home when creating my PowerPoint
and this would probably stop that problem. I think I need to change my screen
size to 640 x 480. But it could also have something to do with 16 bit vs 32
bit resolution as well. It may also depend upon the capability of the
projection device/monitor in which you show your PowerPoint. I also avoid using
transitions and special effects since those are not always reliable either.

As far as your other questions go: There are two versions of Office Suite.
Office and Office Suite Professional. Purchase the latest of either one. The
big difference between Professional and regular Office is that Office has a
database software (Access--I think it is called--brain freeze right now) that
is really good. If you don't need that, the student/teacher version should be
the best. You will need to show proof that you are a teacher or student.
Great prices for teachers and students can be found at Academic Superstore.
They are an Austin based company with great service and prices. You will need
to fax your proof of student/teacher...usually an ID card or proof of
employment to them...just one time and then you can get your software. They
also have great service so you could call them to ask them questions etc. about
what versions you should get with various different operating systems. They
have software for both Macs and PCs, but since it is Austin, they seem to
prefer Macs. The University of Texas at Austin is the world's largest user of

Just do google search for Academic Super Store or Academic SuperStore.

Good luck Woody.


Dr. Diane C. Gregory
Director, Undergraduate & Graduate
Studies in Art Education
Texas Woman's University
Denton, TX  76204
Quoting Woody Duncan <>:
> I'm a mac person and I have MS Office for the mac.
> I have created lots of powerpoints. I use powerpoint
> because most of the world use PC's. Today I helped
> another Docent do a powerpoint presentation. It went
> over so well to this audience of non tech types, that
> now other docents want me to teach them to create
> powerpoint. No problem there, but if they do not
> have Office on their personal PC what is the most
> economical version they should buy ? Does it depend
> on which MS platform (OS) they have ? I did a Google
> and found Office for $299 and a teacher/student version
> for $119. Is it worth getting ? Do you need proof
> of being a student or a teacher ? I bought my Office
> for the Mac years ago and I'm out of the loop on
> what version to recommend. My wife's Dell came loaded
> with Office so we did not need to add it.
> Any suggestions would be helpful.
> On a related topic, I have another question. I have
> Keynote on my laptop (a powerbook of course). I also
> have Office for the mac on my laptop. When I play any
> powerpoint I have created it plays as a powerpoint.
> But when I ran this other Docents powerpoint she created
> on her PC it opened as Keynote. Which was OK, because it
> worked. Some slides were messed up, but most were as
> she created them. I've run other peoples powerpoints
> before and Keynote never opened. What's up ? Can anyone
> tell me ? If not, no big deal it was just confusing.
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