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[teacherartexchange] holiday projects-long post for elementary level


From: Jeryl Hollingsworth (holl5_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Dec 06 2005 - 19:23:43 PST

I have done several holiday projects lately with different grade levels
because 1.schedule changes with classes gone on field experiences(can't
call them field trips anymore) and 2.practices for chorus programs etc.and
we have done service learning projects of painting post office windows,
making ornaments for the town tree, decorating the bank, and office
windows at my school. I don't have anything else scheduled, right?
Seriously, I try to be as accomodating as possible (within reason). My
principal respects my program, gives me budget considerations and listens
to my ideas if I go along with some of her agendas! So having said that, I
try to make all holiday art tie in with standards and use recycle stuff if
possible. Some ideas...These are going to be quick. e-mail me if you want
photos or more details-after I take the art club to the bank tomorrow!
        Making faux stained glass windows-drawing the design on white
paper, then laying it over laminating film that has been saved-you
know how there is that wasted space when the machine is first run?
They draw and color with sharpies and then cut out circles of
black construction paper for the frame, glue it down and trim. I
have a good supplies of markers because they ask the art club to
make signs for our business partners golf tournament every year
and I agree if they buy us a bunch of colored sharpies
        Gingerbread men-(1st grade) I let them use a pattern and cut them
out of sandpaper (get it cheap at the dollar store) and then paint
on the features. This year a print shop donated lots of cardstock
so they cut them out of tan paper and used crazy scissors to cut
frosting out of scrap paper-also cut a ton of round stickers from
a company and they used those for buttons, etc.. These look really
cute in the front office.
        CD ornaments-sharpies again on cds. Color both sides and glue
together with elmers. The tech person saved me tons of cds this
summer when they put in new computers. I have also gotten them
from a local store that aol promotions cds they were tossing. Art
club got fancy and made theirs 3-d by gluing half of one on each
side. I gently broke them and glued the halves together.
        toilet paper ornaments-these are un believably cool. You cut a
third of the way in all around both ends of the tubes- I told them
to cut as wide as their finger, bend the ends up-paint and glitter
while they were still wet. These were a little messy- I gave them
primary colors at several paint stations that I set up while they
were painting and then had two glitter stations over coke box
lids. I tied them with yarn and hung on wire hangers on the drying
rack. These sound tacky but look unbelievable. Not many teachers
could guess what we used.
       light paintings....3rd or 4th grade. I cut paper in 6 X 18 strips.
Gave them green permanent markers (someone gave me a bunch of
permanent ones- always send home a wish list!) which they used to
draw a light cord across the page. I cut out a Christmas light
pattern about 3 inches high. They trace about 7-9 lights across the
strand and then come to a paint table to choose 2 primary colors +
white. I squirt a dab in egg cartons and they don't gt water. This
is a great color mixing lesson and they have fun making different
tints for their lights. (the reason I give them the pattern is
because I want them to focus on painting instead of spending the
whole time trying to draw lights-most of these are one day lessons)
These look great hung in a row-like a giant string of lights
        bell chains- this is a folding cutting activity a little more
advanced than the traditional chain. They have to cut a bell on
the fold and it gets hooked together without tape or glue-you
would have to see this probably. Anyway I do a contest with the 4
1st grades to see which class make the longest chain in one class
time- While they are cutting I work with a small group at a time
making a pinata -request of teachers for their Christmas around
the world. It works pretty well to do papier mache with only 7-8
at a time.
       christmas diorama scenes- some of my 5th graders started doing this
and it caught on. They are using pieces of matt board scraps to
make little Christmas scenes about 6 inches wide and high. They
take a piece and draw the wall with a fireplace , window, chair,
etc.. Glue it to a piece for the floor and then make a standing up
CHristmas tree, make little presents to go under it, little rugs on
the floor, etc.. They are getting really creative with these. I
still have a great source for endless scraps. My daughter is
engaged to the son of the local framer!
          Painting poinsettias- I do this with kdg since they are studying
the letter P. we look at lots of Christmas cards with photos of
poinsettias and then they paint a big flower on green paper and
punch yellow paper to drop the circles in the middle. Punch,
paint, poinsettias-get it? I usually have them paint on 12 x 18
green paper. They look really nice and sometimes the art club
kids cut them out and cut leaf shapes from the green background.
   excuse the typos and quick thoughts-I haven't posted much lately-just
lurking. I have been really busy this year-full load of 500+ kids, got
stuck with the visually gifted program the week school started, I'm the
team leader and also got tagged to lead the related arts book chat this
semester,was our school representative on a big referendum vote to
raise bonds for a new school (we won) and won a 4,000. state grant
which is getting me all kinds of cool tech stuff in my room but its
taking a lot time getting it all intergrated into my program.
        maybe things will slow down soon? HA!
                only 6 full days till break!!!
                              Jeryl in SC

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