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Re: Folk Art - Apple Head Dolls - Lesson plan links


From: Ricardo Ramirez (rramirez2_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Dec 18 2003 - 14:55:06 PST

I have seen the corn husk dolls. I know a teacher at one of our high
schools who has a wonderful lesson and the students works are so

Ricardo :)

>>> 12/18/2003 2:15:55 PM >>>
Today is a "Folksy" Day,

Donna sent me her tips for applehead I am
passing them on to you. Kids CAN do these and they
love them. A teacher in a nearby district did them
everyyear with her students. If anyone takes a
"nibble",I want this on Incredible Art Department.
Still hoping someone does the corn husk dolls...maybe
next year?

Apple head dolls date back to the pioneers -1800s and
earlier. I have seen references to applehead dolls on
the Native American sites I surfed this fall. More
than likely they were first made by the Native
Americans. Yes...Native American did make apple head
dolls (links didn't work though -- so more to come).
"Apple Dolls - Native Americans used apples to make
applehead dolls. To make these shriveled-faced dolls,
peel an apple and cut away the lower sides to form a
chin. Carve a nose and a mouth and scoop out eyes.
Carefully scoop out the core of the apple and sprinkle
salt inside. Stuff it with cotton. Insert a pencil or
stick into the bottom of the apple, and use beads or
beans for the eyes. Sprinkle the apple with lemon
juice and salt and let the applehead dry for at least
two weeks. When dry, add yarn for hair and scraps of
material for clothes."

This is close to Lesson Plan format - doable with

How to and tips by Pamala Matson

Granny Apple Head Dolls - patterns and such:

Early Apple Head Doll:

Make Stuff How to Guide - adaptable to a lesson plan:

Apple head dolls catalog (source for images -

How to Appalachia craft/Folks Art - Applehead dolls:

Complete Interdisciplinary Apple Unit (math-science
-social studies -language arts)Grades 4 to 6:

If anyone does do a Native American influence and
finds some good images - send links my way.

Donna sent these tips below

--- wrote:

> We made apple head dolls - it was a bunch of fun.
> Some hints -
> 1. use firm apples
> 2. remember to carve deep
> 3. takes about 2 weeks to dry out - my home oven
> didnt go low enough to dry them out
> 4. use sticks to hold them in a block of Styrofoam
> to dry
> 5. spend a bit of time talking about body
> proportions BEFORE they make the wire armatures
> I didn't get pictures... but the kids were really
> happy with the results.

> Donna

Donna - if you do this again - send a picture. I'll
put it on IAD with these links.

P.S. to anyone who got down this far...International
Museum of Folk Art is linked on Incredible Art
Department (my USA Museum page and Folk Art page).
Thanks Woody for posting the link again.

Judith Decker
Incredible Art Department
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