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Testing-Testing- Do you know your P's and E's?


From: Judy Decker (judydeckeriad_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Dec 10 2003 - 14:11:31 PST

Dear Art Educators,

This is a re-post for Jackie Brewer. She wanted to
know about Ruth's files -- that got the ball rolling
on P's and E's Assessment tools.

Here is Ruth's test link (at the top of this file)
(I gave her some sample revisions - in looking at them
today, I may word them differently now - but you get
the idea) Jackie, Ruth's files are part of her test -
she put them online for me. (Other folks offered
feedback for Ruth too off list -- that was the

Now - here is what followed - my sample tests:
Mulitple Choice
True False
Short Answer (homework/take home test)
25 point matching (this was done for Ruth)
Student Elements Worksheet (revised from Woody)
Student Principles Worksheet (revised from Woody)
Woody - if you see this - when I put the links page on
IAD for all of this, I'll link to your site.

Now - NONE of what I did is "copyrighted" as such - it
is here for you to adapt and edit. I would just
appreciate credit it you put my files on your sites.

I would like feedback on what tests worked for you and
why.....but I won't put a key online for you for my
tests (someone did ask for one). You are on your own
for that.

And the "motherload" - Joe's Elements in html so
everyone can read them

And this list of "must have" (suggested) art prints
(only those available through Shorewood and Art

What do I intend to do with this list? Well....when I
feel like it, I will write a Principles of Design
handout (hopefully as nice as Joe's) - THEN make a
test using the images.....unless someone else beats me
to it (smile).

Warning! Warning! to all who use files from IAD and my
site. I am known to make mistakes - often many at one
time (gasp!) - DO proof your files before turning them
in to your administrators or handing out to kids (that
is YOUR job). I never claimed to be good at typing
(Kindly - though if you do notice a boo-boo - tell me
off list - - there is no need
telling everyone in the world I can't type - I just
did that for you)
I gave my kiddles bonus points when they found my
boo-boos. I had my hubby read my college work before I
turned it in. I miss mistakes - that is what I do very



P.S. Sorry Jackie I am so late getting back with you
on this. It just slipped my mind. Since someone asked
me for a test key - I thought it would be a good time
to repost now - all in one email for everyone.

Judith Decker
Incredible Art Department
Incredible Art Department
Incredible Art Resources

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