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Re: Finger painting history (Michal)


From: Judy Decker (judydeckeriad_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 18:45:44 PST


I found more on the history:

(You have to search for finger painting - not

More Mary Ann Brandt:

Finger painting has a long history in China. And Gao
Qipei (1672-1734 A.D.) of the Qing Dynasty is
generally respected as the first real finger painter.

A Chinese artist:

And even further back (smile):

"30,000-10,000 BC Palaeolithic Culture, Euro-African
finger painting on mud and rock cave walls. Animal fat
mixed with native pigments, yellow, brown and red clay
with bone and charcoal soot black. So even cavemen had
created and used dyes!"
(My son got a kick out of this. He said finger
painting began with cave painting)

As far as modern art education goes:

"Ruth Faison Shaw died (in 1969) after a long life
dedicated to art and art education. One of her major
contributions to the world of art education was the
development of modern finger paint and finger
painting. She discovered this new medium while
teaching English to Italian students in Rome. When a
boy in her class cut his finger, she treated it with
iodine. A little later she found him in the bathroom
making designs on the wall with the red pigment of the
iodine, hence finger painting was discovered. After
her discovery she went to New York City to teach at
the Dalton School. Shaw later opened the Shaw Finger
Paint Studio and continued contributing to the world
of art education."

More on China:

"Liu Duojun, the grandson of Liu Xiling, a premodern
master of finger painting in China, said finger
painting, or ink painting with fingers directly on the
paper instead of a paintbrush, covers all aspects of
traditional Chinese painting, including
landscapes,flowers and birds, and animals."

"He said finger painting dates back to the Tang
Dynasty (618-907BC) and the art entered its golden
period in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD)."

Well...that is about as much as I care to find. If
anyone else finds anything - please post.


> On the history - this is all I could find
> easily...Fingerpainting originated in China with
> watercolor paint.
> Post anything you find.
> Judy

Judith Decker
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