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Tue, 31 Aug 1999 22:53:37 EDT

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<< Hey, if this lesson is on paper or emailable, I'd like to see it! I have
to teach
art history and it's quite a drag. :( I always hated art history classes
and I
can't figure out a way to make them interesting.
-- >>
This lesson was a combination of ideas. It was the first time I tried to use
the curriculum left by the previous art teacher. It was (gasp) film strips!
I just reached in the box and pulled out "Baroque" and with much apologizing
for the strip we watched and then started a discussion around the film. I
asked them to choose one element that stuck in their heads. Words like
decoration and frilly and "too much" were the general consensus. We
discussed embellishment and decoration, looked through books and magazines
for truly "ugly" designs. It was hysterical!

I had seen decorated shoes in an issue of Art and Activities and used it to
tie into the Baroque lesson. The fact that I own the worlds biggest junk
collection also helped. And in Redding PA. there is a trim factory that
sells a 10LBS bag of trim ends for $5.00! Guess how many bags I bought? 5!!
I do a lot of soft sculpture and textile design so the find was a personal

I use a lot of humor in the classroom, through discussions and shared
personal experiences, The kids don't get bored. I always look for the humor
in art-keeps me smiling-and it keeps them wondering!