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Center Set-up

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Tue, 31 Aug 1999 12:45:29 EDT

Hi Liz and Teri-
I am in a new wing this year and unfortunately in a much smaller room so I
plan to set up "portable centers" using plastic containers (sweater box
size). I plan to put the collage and rubber stamps in these bins and the
students can bring them to their tables to work. I used to have lots of
counters in my old room and this is where I set them up. I have a large
table that I use for supplies and under the tables are 3 big plastic
containers for the junk sculpture center. The drawing books are on the
supply table in a milk crate. The weaving center is on the counter in a milk
crate also. When I went to school this morning to finish setting up there
were 3 brand new IMACs in my room (the blueberry colored ones-very pretty!)
plus a power Mac for me!!!!!! What a way to start the day! But, they are on
my paint center table so I must figure out where the new computers are going
to go. A new center-The Computer Center has been born. Luckily I have small
class sizes (under 20 kids) so there is a lot of table space where they can
work. At my other school I am in a small room but I had shelves installed a
few years ago on one whole wall so I set the centers up here. I lost about 2
shelves this year due to a 31" color TV w/ attached VCR being mounted in one
corner of the room....what a trade off!!!! I will just have to manage. :-)
I used to have 10 big art tables but got rid of 3 this year to open up the
space. I use 6 for work tables and the 7th one is a painting center table.
But I might lose the paint center because I will also be getting 4 computers
in my room. Haven't figured that one out yet! If space is a problem,
creating portable centers which can be moved to any table will work. When I
do Open Center Days I set up each of the work tables as a center. I also do
this with kindergartners (20 minute classes) and they LOVE it. Good luck!
BTW, I got a back-to-back drying rack and it saves A LOT of valuable space!!!
Carolyn in MA

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