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On violence and another path...

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Lawrence A. Parker/OCCTI (occti)
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 08:50:58 -0400

I received this note from a friend, and can say little about it myself as
I'm just learning about it. But some of her comments at the end seem very
relevant to many of your (our) comments about children and society. You can
also check out Avatar's web page at . And, of
course, I don't think Marika would mind you contacting her directly.

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> 'Harry Palmer' sounds really familiar. Where are you studying? >>
> Harry is an English professor who pulled together some of the threads
> history from the 60's, 70's, 80's. His small book, "Living Deliberately"
> a very funny story about that and his experiments with sensory deprivation
> he could access his own consciousness more easily - without the 'stuff' of
> the world. He discovered we don't need to do that (float in a tank full
> Epsom salts) and designed exercises that engage our awareness and
> consciousness. From that amazing place of peace (Deepak Chopra calls the
> 'field of pure potential') we can create what we long for. In my case
> I live with a longing for world peace and am contributing to it by my
> writing, and by my work - as you are by your work - and raising children
> being who I am. Harry organized a small company, based in Winter Park,
> Florida (near Orlando) and they support the teachers who deliver the
> course. I find the entire journey fascinating as I am learning to trust
> expand my intuition, and learning much about extrasensory perception, and
> working with others in a way that
> might be described as 'telepathic' or 'synergistic'. Violence becomes
> totally unnecessary because one gets what one wants without having to live
> in fear or anger, and releasing that on the world. Is violence born of
> abject fear? Is this a fear mongering society? If fear is about
> to meet a challenge, then what is our society's inadequacy, that it must
> generate so much fear to be resolved? Best, Marika