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Re: May I TEACH, please?

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 14:25:51 -0400

> Re: May I TEACH, please?
> I can't even teach my classes for having to do:
> 1) placemats by students for restaurants promoting Census 2000
> 2) poster contest promoting Census 2000
> 3) a booth for Family Fun Night displaying a miniature work of art from each student
> 4) student-made centerpieces for tables at the county's Turkey Festival
> 5) the Bulletin Board at the Central Office
> And these are just September projects. There will be more! The memos are never worded in a way that would suggest "optional", but rather indicate that it is "expected".
Congrats on the upcoming marriage. Would it be possible to let an
art club handle the majority of these assignments? Who is dispersing
these requests? Are they requests or are they demands which must be
met? See if an art club could be established if there isn't one in
your school. Also try to limit these
requests for mandatory volunteering to once a year.(i.e.-making work
from each student for an exhibit or function.) You might also imply
that if it persists a charge should be applied as a student co op
cost. It seems as though they are using the students as labor and
the students should be making something on their pieces that are
being mandated to produce. If that is the case maybe the students
should have a small business set up from another class.
Unfortunately since the majority of teachers fail to realize the
value in creative thinking skills, you will probably have the
administration on their side and if you don't go willingly to the
slaughter house there will surely be an uproar. YOu know-you are
uncooperative, all your students do is play, you really don't teach
them anything etc. However stay strong and put up a good fight-
don't let them treat you this underhanded way. If you don't stand up
fr yourself no one else will. YOu might post a memo yourself that
states for the future there will be no requests for projects outside
of the guidelines and curriculum without talking it over with
you/head of art dept./and with a written request. Get technical on
them!!!!! (How will you grade them if all you have to show are
projects from various requests?