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Re: videos and legalities

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wduncan (wduncan)
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 20:59:58 -0500

Districts always over react when it comes to legal things. When possible I
just ignore them.
I do get written permission in advance on my "do all" form at the start of each
new class.
(field trips, fees, how I grade, publishing art, publishing photos, etc.) I
just finished checking
off names from forms turned in this 1st week of school, out of 70 I had 3 don't
publish. I never
ask why. The district computer gurus called me when they saw names on the
photos and I
assured them we had permission slips. I know of one 4th grade teacher who had
kids write
real personal journal like stuff that really was dangerous. You never know who
is watching.
Play it safe but don't go overboard. I heard a computer teacher say
he gets written
permission for his students to use a computer. Come on now, it's a tool with
that mindset
we would need permission for johnny to hold a paintbrush.
Woody in KC

MPBC90 wrote:

> Our computer teacher will not put any artwork by my students (elementary) on
> our school web page if their name appears anywhere. I made all these great
> labels with the school name, the title of the work(s), the medium and of
> course the student's name! She says it has to be on the BACK because of
> legal reasons. I noticed that Woody's site and many others put the child's
> name near the artwork, so I was wondering. Anyone know the truth? Should I
> have some "disclaimer" signed by all the parents so that I can have a few on
> our web page? Should I just contact these parents as the artwork is chosen
> throughout the year? Any primary teacher knows the old trick of having them
> put their names on FIRST so that as you walk around you can say "Oh Johnny!"
> or "Oh Lisa, that is so lovely!" Especially at the start of the school year.
> MP
> >>Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 19:27:36 EDT
> From: Pablo90512
> Subject: Video
> >>Video sounds great....but
> As I recall...
> You can get into some legal trouble videoing students without a permission
> slip...Maybe it's our district acting a little panicked about legal
> stuff...but you may want to check on your district policy.


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