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Re: gripe

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Thu, 26 Aug 1999 22:13:32 EDT

I was given three computers, last year. For the art room.

1. A 486 PC with incomplete programs and no printer. It does have a mouse and

2. An old PC which in the 4 months that it sat in the corner waiting for
help, I was never able to even get it booted up. It did have a mouse and a
keyboard. But three keys on the keyboard were so sticky they wouldn't come up
if I pushed them down.

These sat in my room, for four months waiting for the computer teacher to
help me set them up so the kids could, at least, word process for their
projects. They waited and waited. I finally gave the one with the bad
keyboard back.

3. In may, last year I got a call from the head of technology in town, that
he had found a computer for me and he thought it was capable of multimedia.
The end of June, just before he left for another job, I saw him and said I
thought he had said that he found me a computer. He said, "Oh? Didn't it
arrive?" I said no. He said he'd have Liz look for it.

So the week that school ended a computer and printer arrived. No keyboard,
no mouse. This computer doesn't have a video input, either.
Here we are, three days before the start of the new school year, the art room
has no working computer. The new Massachusetts Frameworks is full of

Not that I have room for a class of children in my room, much less two
computers that don't work!
Leslie in Massachusetts.

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