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Kimberly Anne Herbert (kimberly)
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 12:48:11 -0500

Yes what is happening is Afghanistan is horrible. Will this petition help?

Petition for Afghan Women's Rights
Posted: 01/23/99
Here's another entry in the "pointless petition" category. This was a
sincere effort, but misguided. The email address is no longer valid, for
reasons which will be explained below.
<Text of petition deleted>
Guide's note: The information above is accurate and the cause worthy.
Unfortunately, the well-meaning individual who created this message chose
the wrong means by which to accomplish her goal. Here is Brandeis
University's explanation for having cancelled that person's email privileges
and deleting all submitted copies of the petition unread:
Please read this message carefully, especially the next two sentences. Do
not reply to this email. Do not forward this email to anyone else. Anyone
who needs a copy, already has one. Do not make things worse. Do not "help"
by forwarding this message to everyone who has corresponded with you on this
Due to a flood of hundreds of thousands of messages in response to an
unauthorized chain letter, all mail to sarabande is being
deleted unread. It will never be a valid email address again. If you have a
personal message for the previous owner of that address, you will need to
find some means other than email to communicate.
sarabande was not an organization, but a person who was totally
unprepared for the inevitable consequences of telling thousands of people to
tell fifty of their friends to tell fifty of their friends to send her
It is our sincere hope that the hundreds of thousands of people who continue
to attempt to reply will find a more productive outlet for their concerns.
There are several excellent organizations and individuals doing real work on
the issues raised. Some of them were mentioned in sarabande's letter. None
of them authorized her actions. We suggest that you contact them through
non-virtual channels to help. They all have web sites with information and
contact points. Unlike sarabande, they can channel your energy in useful
directions. Do not let this incident discourage you.
Please do not forward unverified chain letters, no matter how compelling
they might seem. Propagating chain letters is specifically prohibited by the
terms of service of most Internet service providers; you could lose your

For more information, see:
* U.S. Policy on the Treatment of Women in Afghanistan
Fact Sheet from the U.S. State Department