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Lawrence A. Parker/OCCTI (occti)
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 09:56:27 -0400

I received, off list, the following comment in response to my post about the
DeVos family. I've left off the sender's name and address out of obligatory
respect for their privacy.


Don't you have anything else to contribute to this site other than your
negative view of religion? Frankly, you're becoming a bit of a bore."

If memory serves, I don't think that I ever expressed a 'negative view of
religion', or at least not what would consider as such. I am a religious
atheist and a philosophical agnostic; I openly admitted that early on for
the context of some of my comments.

But it seems to me that the point of my posts, and of my concerns, is that
NO one group should be trying to control our schools. Such actions are one
step away from indoctrination and only a few steps away from political and
social totalitarianism. Whether this group is religious, political or
economic, what it does is wrong if it seeks to limit information, knowledge,
the ability and freedom to think without persecution or discrimination.

Some may feel that this is far removed from the profession of teaching the
arts. But I maintain that it is of the utmost importance to teachers in
general. And art teachers - well, some of you have already "griped" about
being 'pushed aside' and the importance of your teachings diminished. When
I was at Purdue in Engineering, the 'liberal arts' were not considered a
necessary part of an Engineer's education. <Bing!> gone from the curriculum
and gone from the education of so many people whose ideas and designs will
affect American and global consumerism.

In any case, I am well aware that this list is dedicated primarily to the
Arts, an area in which I have little knowledge and even less skill (I can't
draw the proverbial 'straight line'). But I have tried to share some of the
resources I've run across, and I have added a number of web sites many of
you have shared to my 'homeschooling' network. My deepest appreciation for
these; our children will be learning a lot of art this year. (Oh, BTW, if
anyone knows of a good site, or materials for working with pastel chalks,
blending colors, techniques, etc....please let me know.)

I also forwarded a number of other posts this morning and hope that you
don't find them too overwhelming, yet of general and specific interest to
many of you. Several of them will also demonstrate that I *do* have a sense
of humor.

For those of you trying to find rubber hands, chickens, eyeballs and such,
I'm going to dig out a site address for a company which markets such things.

Sorry this has been so long, but as 15th cent. mathematician once said after
giving the same apology, "...I did not have the time to make it shorter."