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Re: gripe

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Rick (rlarson)
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 19:00:21 -0500

I know what you're going through, I think. I was considered 'the baby
sitter while the other teachers had plan time. I realized that this was
their perception, and the only one who was going to change it was me. I
started putting any and every article on the benefits of art education in
everybody's mail boxes. Then after a few days, I'd ask my principal if he'd
read it. (Or them) Finally, After a year or so, he started coming around
and giving me more support, both with my budget ('pitiful') and as a
mediator on the scheduling with the teachers.. I knew they didn't really
all get it, but the only way they would understand is by seeing the results
of our efforts. I would ask them what they were studying in their classroom
and reinforce it with projects from art class. Yes, I did feel like I was
not being true to what I felt we should be doing- making art for art's sake-
but I am doing that more and more. It made my working situation much more
bearable. This is where being on a cart was a blessing. I loved it when
they would work in their rooms, because I felt that this was my chance to
teach them as well, indirectly. We did everything that my lousey budget
would allow-mess included. Anyway, this is too long- sorry. Make yourself
indispensable- I truly feel that others perception of who we are is a mirror
we can use to ask ourselves what am I projecting.? Hang in there, you can
educate all of them.

L.P. Skeen wrote:

> Can I vent here for just a minute? <sigh>
> I think I've said here before that I"m the art teacher in a new charter
> school in Winston Salem, NC. We haven't opened yet; don't until
> Wednesday, and we've JUSt been able to get in our building this past
> weekend.
> On Friday we're all waiting and waiting for stuff to arrive, and of
> course it didn't, but that's actually NOT my gripe. My gripe is the
> other teachers.
> At lunch time, I'm in the principal's car w/ 2 other teachers and I make
> the comment, "Boy I hope our stuff gets here soon.". Nothing that
> everyone else wasn't thinking about their own stuff, ya know? The
> teacher in teh front seat turns around and says to me, "Well, I can
> guarantee you that YOUR stuff will be the last to get here, because you
> don't NEED books or anything, all you need to teach an art class is a
> piece of paper and a pencil!". (Can you say "P!$$ED ME OFF!"!?!?!?)
> Next, today, we have a meeting, and the principal changes his mind and
> says we're NOT having specials on opening day (it's a half-day), which
> ruins all my planning for a month.
> THEN, the furniture truck got here, finally, and stuff is getting
> delivered to rooms. I got a desk, a chair, book cases and a file
> cabinet. Then the guy comes to take back my desk. Why, you ask? Well,
> it seems that the factory shorted us 2 desks, so since I'm so
> unimportant, I don't NEED a desk; I can wait until next week to get one.
> Am I the only one who gets treated like this? NO, the music teacher
> gets the same thing, but she's a mouse and won't speak up about it. I'm
> ready to quit and we haven't even STARTED yet.
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