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L.P. Skeen (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 00:29:12 -0400

Can I vent here for just a minute? <sigh>

I think I've said here before that I"m the art teacher in a new charter
school in Winston Salem, NC. We haven't opened yet; don't until
Wednesday, and we've JUSt been able to get in our building this past

On Friday we're all waiting and waiting for stuff to arrive, and of
course it didn't, but that's actually NOT my gripe. My gripe is the
other teachers.

At lunch time, I'm in the principal's car w/ 2 other teachers and I make
the comment, "Boy I hope our stuff gets here soon.". Nothing that
everyone else wasn't thinking about their own stuff, ya know? The
teacher in teh front seat turns around and says to me, "Well, I can
guarantee you that YOUR stuff will be the last to get here, because you
don't NEED books or anything, all you need to teach an art class is a
piece of paper and a pencil!". (Can you say "P!$$ED ME OFF!"!?!?!?)

Next, today, we have a meeting, and the principal changes his mind and
says we're NOT having specials on opening day (it's a half-day), which
ruins all my planning for a month.

THEN, the furniture truck got here, finally, and stuff is getting
delivered to rooms. I got a desk, a chair, book cases and a file
cabinet. Then the guy comes to take back my desk. Why, you ask? Well,
it seems that the factory shorted us 2 desks, so since I'm so
unimportant, I don't NEED a desk; I can wait until next week to get one.

Am I the only one who gets treated like this? NO, the music teacher
gets the same thing, but she's a mouse and won't speak up about it. I'm
ready to quit and we haven't even STARTED yet.

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