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Fw: Separation of Church and State in Education

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Lawrence A. Parker/OCCTI (occti)
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 22:03:51 -0400

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Subject: Re: Separation of Church and State in Education

> At 12:30 PM -0400 8/21/99, Lawrence A. Parker/OCCTI wrote:
> >Apparently they have now decided to
> >remove the chapter covering the geological time period when the state was
> >covered by an inland sea and from which many fossilized remains of
> >have been found. The company is afraid the textbook won't sell well if
> >that information is included! Apparently we've abolished the concept of
> >separation of church and state here!
> This topic is wrought with minefield's, but for lack of better
> judgement, I will attempt to cross anyway. I find it disconcerting
> that a textbook company would censor information in order to please
> the Kansas Educational Board. The book company is not doing it
> because the information left out is not true, but because a few
> people may not want to read the information or have anyone else read
> the information either. Granted, the company is taking this action
> on its own, but the reason is obvious as explained by the article.
> I think a broader question to be asked is what exactly is the
> Educational Board of Kansas so afraid of? What is so upsetting
> about the theory of evolution that scares them so much? Is their
> faith so weak that the only way they can have children believe it is
> to censor other theories? Evolution is a theory, but it does have
> evidence to back up many of it's claims. Scientist's have always
> stressed the possibilities of errors in any hypothesis which they
> hold out for inspection. I somehow feel the Educational Board of the
> State of Kansas would not like to be inspected in the same way.
> This is not about faith or lack of faith, its about censoring
> information. Information which is not harmful or pornographic or
> extreme in any way whatsoever. But obviously, this information
> scares some people enough that they are encouraging its elimination
> from the curricula. Yes, I am aware the theory of evolution can still
> be taught, but it is not to be used in testing students. Hopefully,
> teachers will take up this call and continue to teach all theories of
> creation whether or not that theory is to be tested on. These
> creation theories would include the Judeo-Christian, Islam, Native
> America, Buddhist, etc. I wonder who gets to pick the theory? After
> all, all these theories are based on in a book or
> faith in stories or faith in legends......its still faith, not facts.
> Sincerely,
> JoAnn Clay
> "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little
> temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" - Benjamin
> Franklin