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Re: StainedGlass, etc.

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Jameson (jameson4)
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 19:26:00 -0400

Even better-
Use tissue paper and a mixture of glue-water on plastic wrap and then when
it is dry, pull off the plastic wrap and let the tissue paper speak for

From: Kathleen McCrea <kwmccrea>
Subject: StainedGlass, etc.
Date: Saturday, August 21, 1999 10:07 AM

STAINED GLASS: I've found the easiest way to do stained glass is to use
black construction paper and colored tissue paper. Cut two layers of the
design on the black construction paper at the same time. Staple the two
sheets of construction paper together, then cut them with an Xacto knife.
Glue the tissue to one piece of the construction paper, then glue the
second construction paper on to cover where the tissue is glued. Then,
send the whole thing through the laminating machine. These are sturdy and
look great. You can have them do art history related designs or something
of their own choice. Tape a huge group of them up some place like the

KANSAS This morning the Wichita, Kansas morning paper has as their lead
story a piece about a textbook company who is publishing a book on the
history of Kansas for school students. Apparently they have now decided to
remove the chapter covering the geological time period when the state was
covered by an inland sea and from which many fossilized remains of animals
have been found. The company is afraid the textbook won't sell well if
that information is included! Apparently we've abolished the concept of
separation of church and state here!