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RE:first day actvty.

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suzette milam (smilam)
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 15:29:14 +0000

I also had a ton of requests for the scavenger hunt activity I mentioned in a
previous post. Here is the activity sheet.


Directions: Get the signature of the following people:

1. Someone with the same size shoe._____________________________________
2. Someone who has been to Mexico in the past year._________________________
3. Someone who has never been to a big city._______________________________
4.Someone who has never been stung by a bee._____________________________
5. Someone that has more than four siblings.________________________________
6. Someone who has lived in another state or country._________________________
7. Someone with an unusual pet.______________What is it?___________________
8. Someone with an unusual nick name_______________What is it?_____________
9.Someone that has an allergy._________________To what?__________________
10.Someone the same height as you._____________________________________
11. Someone with the same first initial as you_______________________________
12.Someone that is in a club.________________Which one?___________________
13. Someone that has won a contest.____________What was it?_______Prize?____
14. Someone that does not eat breakfast.___________________________________
15. Someone that likes to same thing on trier pizza as you.________What?________
16. Someone that plays a musical instrument._______________What is it?________
17. Someone that collects something.___________________What?_____________
18. Someone that uses the same kind of toothpaste as you.____________________
19. Someone that has been bitten by an animal____________What?_____________
20. Someone that has just moved to Porterville.______________From where?______
21.Someone that has naturally curly hair.___________________________________
22.Someone that likes the same flavor of ice cream.___________What kind?_______
23. Someone that lives near you._________________________________________
24.Someone that plays a sport.__________________What sport?_______________
25. Someone that has a horse.___________________________________________
26. Someone that has the same color car as you._____________________________
27. Someone that has the same favorite movie as you._____________What?______
28. Someone that lives in a two story building._______________________________
29.Someone that is named after somebody in their family.______________________
30. Someone that has a grandparent that lives with them.______________________
31. Someone that is shy._______________________________________________
32. Someone that likes to help people.____________________________________
33.Someone that likes the same music as you.______________________________
34. Someone whos favorite food is your least favorite._________________________
35. Someone you would ask for help from.__________________________________
37. Someone that likes to play video games.________________________________
38. Someone that rides a skateboard._____________________________________
39. Someone that works after school. ____________________Where?___________
40.Someone that has a great smile._______________________________________

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