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suzette milam (smilam)
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 15:25:12 +0000

I was swamped by requests for my Code of Conduct Contract. It would be faster
if I just post it. I hope it helps some of you with your classroom structure.

This is a contract between you and I. It is important that you know what is
expected of your conduct in this class. Read it carefully! When you sign the
bottom you are giving your word that you understand and agree to these
conditions to remain in this class.

1. I understand the school tardy policy and will make it a priority to be seated
in class before the bell rings.

2. I will come to class prepared to learn and with the materials I need.

3. I understand that it is polite and respectful to listen when Ms. Milam is
speaking. I agree to stop what I am doing so that I can hear what Ms. Milam
is saying.

4. I will be respectful to Ms. Milam in both words and actions at all times.

5. I will use the tools, supplies, books or equipment in my art classroom carefully.

6. I understand that the tools, supplies, books and equipment are to be used
in the classroom only. They are not to be removed from the room without permission.

7. I will clean up any mess that I have made and help get the room in order for
the next class. I understand that I will be assigned a clean up duty and
promise to carry out that duty in the last five minutes of class.

8. I agree not to bring in visitors or stand at the door to visit during class.

9. I understand that it is inappropriate to eat or drink during art class.

10. I understand the room must be clean before students will be excused. I will
leave the classroom when I have been excused by Ms. Milam.

11. I will respect myself and others. I will not participate in rudeness,
horseplay, throwing objects, profanity, racist or sexist comments.

12. I will take great care to not disturb, destroy or make fun of any persons art

13. I understand that hall passes are given only in an emergency.

14. I will not create artwork that has inapproprate subject matter for school
in class

The consequence of not following the code could injure someone or cause the
class not to run smoothly. In such a case that you choose to break our
agreement you will receive a step. Step one is a warning. Step two is
detention in this classroom. Step three is two days R.C. and conference. Step
four is two days R.C. and parent conference. Step five you will be removed
from class for the remainder of the semester with an F.

I________________________________________ accept the code of conduct contract.
Sign your name here a

Print Name_____________________________________________________ Period______________