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Re: creationism vs. evolutionism

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L.P. Skeen (
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 11:59:28 -0400

Kimberly Anne Herbert wrote:

> In high school, our biology teacher went through a spiel before beginning a
> unit on evolution about how it was a theory and that she couldn't comment on
> creationism

Greetings, y'all. I too missed the discussion since I've just signed on, but
here in NC there is a law about separation of church and state. I am a
first-year art teacher in a charter school, and have been suspecting for awhile
that the charter school may be a means of getting around that law.

During orientation we were told that in science classes, the kids will be taught
both creationism and evolutionism. When I asked if that wasn't against the law,
I was informed that "evolution isn't a scientific fact" and therefore,
creationism can be taught because IT isn't a scientific fact. So then I pointed
out that if one is going to teach the christian view, one would then be required
to point out the Jewish view (if there is one?), the Islamic view, the Buddhist
view, etc. O no! They only have to teach "that stuff" if the kids ask.

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