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Mike Delaney (edelaney)
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 07:37:47 -0500

Suzette, I am going back to school today. I am reeally interested in the
idea that you offered to send. The chart, one of the first day activities.
Thanks ann in Indiana

> From: suzette milam <smilam>
> To: list <>
> Subject: Re:icbrkr.answrs.
> Date: Sunday, August 15, 1999 4:54 PM
> Hi R.A.T.S (Refreshed Art TeacherS),
> I had a great weekend away. The last hurrah for the summer. Now it is
> down to business. I had several e-mail questions on the scavenger hunt
> icebreaker. Jill asked, when I talk about rules in class. I try to take
> of the "Code of Conduct in Art Class " contract at the beginning of the
> week. By this time everyone has landed that is in flux from add and
> drop-o-rama. The rules can be heard by all. I choose someone to read each
> from their ditto. Students write each rule on lined paper. I have
> demonstrate correct behavior and with some I even demonstrate incorrect
> behavior vs. correct behavior. I am very clear on this matter. I get
> signature at the bottom of the conduct ditto. They keep their copy on the
> first page of their binder. I collect the ditto copy and file them to
> at semester if necessary. Every once in a while I will get a smarty pants
> asks what will happen if he/she refuses to sign the code of conduct. I
> calmly make out a pass to the office and give it to them with the reply,
> go find yourself another class my friend." These signed forms are great
> parent teacher conferences or if a kid tells you 6 weeks into the school
> he/she did not know it was wrong conduct to throw clay in class. I have
> sent a copy home on a few occasions. We have "five steps and your out"
> at our school. In 9 years I have had to remove two students for behavior
> MaryB has a cool way of doing the scavenger hunt on a chart.I like that
> because the key is you want to encourage the kids to talk to each other,
> just walk up and ask someone to sign one. You kind of have to mingle here
> get involved to make sure this happens.
> Sidnie asked about the shy kids and how to get them involved. If you make
> rule of one person can only sign up for two things it forces the kids to
> others that can fill some areas on the sheet. Example: Shy Jane is
> there avoiding eye contact with anyone along comes outgoing John. He asks

> Jane if she has any weird pets and she meekly answers yes. John then
> others to Jane telling them she has a pet lama name Zek. This gives shy
Jane a
> neat-o way to get instant inquires about her cool pet.Soon others are
> Jane they have similar experiences with wierd pets....
> A very experienced wonderful teacher taught me to address the "What you
> been doing all summer?" issue and get it over with, before even trying to
> teach anything. It is going to burst out sometime and it is all they have
> their use it to your benifit.
> I hope that answered everyone's questions. If you want a copy of this
sheet I
> would be happy to e-mail it to you.Thanks Mary B for the add-on idea. I
> this group!
> Suzette