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Re: Art lessons for the blind

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Lawrence A. Parker/OCCTI (occti)
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 19:52:57 -0400

> Larry,
> This answered my question without having to post it. Are you also
> an educator of the arts? It seems as though many subjects overlap
> and you are quite knowledgeable on a number of subjects, (which is
> refreshing on this list). I hope you and others continue to post and
> bring refreshing new blood to the list. Sometimes it becomes stale.
> Sandra

No, not an educator of the arts, as I think you mean. In the words of my
wife, I am a throw back to the Renaissance personality. I am interested in
most everything, and Philosophy allows me to justify studying and
experiencing anything I want. Philosophy, in my view, has its most original
and deepest roots in the human experience; thus, anything which also stems
from the human experience is within my purview and of interest.

My background includes 2 years at Purdue in Electrical Engineering/Computer
Design, 2 years at Cleveland State in Counseling Psychology (Humanistic, of
course), 1 year at Case Western in Philosophy, 3 years in the Secondary Ed.
program at Akron Univ., with a BA in Phil and a MA in Ed/Teacher Ed/Critical
Thinking from AU.

I've worked for Ohio Bell as a typist and Service Rep, done roofing and
metal burning, hauled steel and waste, run a business as a title abstractor
for oil and gas companies, cook in a couple of restaurants in Cleveland and
Pittsburgh, tended bar.

Now I run OCCTI, volunteer teach 1st graders how to dialogue, counsel teens
in a local rehab center, and home school our two children.

I'm an old hippie from the 60's-70's, a compulsive reader and talker, and am
not shy. What more do I need? ;>)))

Thank you for the compliments - I do what I enjoy doing, which reminds me of
a quote I was sent a couple of weeks ago:

"If you can make a living at what you enjoy doing, you never have to go to
work." Well, some days I do have to go to work, but most of the time I
enjoy what I do.

I also want to thank everyone on the list for some exhilarating conversation
and would like to stay on the list so long as no one minds my not being an
educator of the arts. Oh, and I will try to not turn everything into a
'philosophical discussion,' but trust that I am free to interject ideas
which support Critical and Creative Problem Solving/Thinking Skills,
Non-Violence and the building of Communities. Like the scorpion who stung
the fox, "It is in my nature."

In Peace,