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Re: evolution

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wduncan (wduncan)
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 19:52:42 -0500

Theories come and go, they even "evolve". It is the pursuit of truth, or at
best a solid
hunch that science tries for. It would be interesting 200 years in the future to

look back and see what holds up and what fades away. It the mean time many more

people (not enough) are teaching art who "do it" and have a certain but shaky
of the field they try to teach. It's a shame that more people who are
"teaching" math and
science don't really "do it" and really don't have too much of a firm grasp of
the subject
they are suppose to inspire kids with. I know I'm generalizing, but there is
much truth in
my poorly worded argument here. Students seem surprised that I paint, exhibit,
even sell my art.
They are more amazed to find out that I know and am friends with real artists.
I tell them
that their math teachers get together with other math types and work on chaos
theory on
the weekends. I tell them that their science teachers are doing secret research
also, Some are!
I only wish there was more truth in my fabrications. Since I tell them I use
ear wax on my
mustache, what are they to believe anyway.
Woody in KC

Pablo90512 wrote:

> I guess I am at the tail end of a I am beating the dead horse.
> I don't claim to be a scientist..but I happen to find myself in the company
> of scientists all the time.
> If you really do talk with scientists, you would be amazed at how many do not
> believe in the theory of evolution. What they will tell you is that the big
> issue is
> "transitional forms".There aren't any......The fossil record does not support
> it. Some scientists have found record of changes in colors of a speices but
> not changes into another form. This is just one example. SInce I am not a
> scientist...I will not debate it....But to say that you are an unthinking
> person if you don't take hold of just hogwash.
> As you get to know the science will be a bit skeptical of
> what research shows:...whatever...most just have a theory that they want to
> prove and go about finding a way to get funding to support themselves in it.
> If you wait long enough someone else will disproove it. The only reason
> Darwin has been able to cling so long to because it has been made
> into a religious issue.


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