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Sat, 14 Aug 1999 17:33:38 EDT

I guess I am at the tail end of a I am beating the dead horse.
I don't claim to be a scientist..but I happen to find myself in the company
of scientists all the time.
If you really do talk with scientists, you would be amazed at how many do not
believe in the theory of evolution. What they will tell you is that the big
issue is
"transitional forms".There aren't any......The fossil record does not support
it. Some scientists have found record of changes in colors of a speices but
not changes into another form. This is just one example. SInce I am not a
scientist...I will not debate it....But to say that you are an unthinking
person if you don't take hold of just hogwash.
As you get to know the science will be a bit skeptical of
what research shows:...whatever...most just have a theory that they want to
prove and go about finding a way to get funding to support themselves in it.
If you wait long enough someone else will disproove it. The only reason
Darwin has been able to cling so long to because it has been made
into a religious issue.

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