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Re: Fw: creationism vs. evolutionism

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Sat, 14 Aug 1999 09:48:43 EDT

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<< It is an interesting side note, and worth serious consideration in the
of what is happening to education these days, that that attribute which most
ensures Homo sapiens' survival, so much so that it is a critical part of its
classification - "THINKING man", is that same faculty which is being
threatened into atrophy (de-generation).
AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN. Back in the seventies, when I was doing my masters
thesis on problem solving as a learning, teaching and survival method
inherent in Art, my first reader, a Ph.D. from Stanford, couldn't grasp the
concept. He looked on problem solving as purely a mathematical process. I had
to have him replaced. He was completely replaced. He had to find work
somewhere else. There are many people out there in the field of education who
wouldn/t know "thinking" if it bit them on the leg. Someone on this list
addressed the problem. Woody I think. They write the standards and go back to
their classroom and do the same thing they have always done. Let me carry it
further. They do all that and call it new. I have watched them say that they
have written new standards that involve authentic, performance and portfolio
standards and that they are using them. Then you visit their classrooms or
take a look at what the students are doing in the other classrooms, and
realize that it is the same thing they have always done. Then when the "new
methods" don't work, they increase the course load in the "important"
subjects and decrease the courses in the very subjects that naturally provide
students with the very problem solving learning that they need. The
rationale? Well, they are not learning the English or Math. So of course it
is not how they are teaching. The teachers are using all the "new stuff". So?
The students just need to take more Math, English, etc. Then the students are
required to use their electives to take more of the core subjects. And of
course their just isn't room for them to take art or music or theater or
dance. They've got to go to college!