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> A. Letter to Parents and Teachers
> B. The Parenting Corner
> - Focus on Critical Thinking
> C. New Releases--Thinkin' Things Series
> D. The Teachers' Corner
> - Encouraging Critical Thinking in the Classroom
> - Earn Free Software with E Cartons
> E. Back-to-School Specials
> - For Families: $10 Off Thinkin' Things Retail Versions
> - For Schools: 15% Off Mix 'n Match Licenses
> F. Trademarks
> G. Subscriptions
> *****************************
> Dear Parents and Teachers:
> The ability to effectively collect, evaluate, and use data is crucial in
> information-rich society. We use these skills to interpret current events,
> unravel scientific mysteries, and make informed decisions every day. How
> we help our children prepare for these challenges?
> This issue of E-News focuses on critical thinking and problem solving. By
> learning to think analytically, clearly, and independently, children build
> strong foundation for future success--both in and out of the classroom.
> The Edmark Team
> *****************************
> Encourage your child's intellectual curiosity--and help build
> problem-solving skills--by following these tips.
> --Involve your children in everyday decisions. Think out loud about the
> various parts of the situation and mull over possible solutions together.
> --For older children, try the "Summer Home Learning Recipes for Parents
> Children Grades 9-12" available at
> . It
> a list of problem-solving steps and a "bank" of potential problems you can
> solve together.
> --Arranging tasks into a logical sequence is a valuable thinking skill.
> Encourage your child to break events into a series of steps. For example,
> ask young children what happens in the beginning, middle, and end of a
> favorite story. Older children could make a detailed itinerary for the
> family's next vacation or a sequential plan for completing a term paper.
> --Look for opportunities to increase the difficulty or complexity of an
> activity your child already enjoys. For example, at the Dear Parents site,
> we received a question from a parent who wanted to know how to make a
> 4-year-old child's new hobby (collecting rocks and bottle caps) more
> educational. Read our response at
> .
> --Play "what if" games with your child and discuss (or test) potential
> outcomes. What would happen if you and your dog switched places for a day?
> What would it taste like if you mixed chocolate chips into the pancake
> batter? What if you had to get the whole family to Grandma's house but
> didn't have a car?
> --Sometimes, problems are solved simply by paying attention--or, problems
> can be created when something important is overlooked. Help build your
> child's observational skills by asking detail-oriented questions. (How
> dogs are in the park? Do you see any misspelled words in this newspaper
> article? Did we buy everything on our grocery list?)
> --In "Helping with Homework: A Parent's Guide to Information
> Problem-Solving," the authors recommend that parents take on the role of
> "coach" and step back as the child becomes the "doer." For a quick summary
> of the article, see
> .
> --Compare, contrast, and define. Gather two objects (such as a toothbrush
> and a fork) and ask your child what the pair has in common. Ask what makes
> them different. Finally, ask what one thing seems to make a toothbrush a
> toothbrush and what one thing seems to make a fork a fork. Continue the
> investigation with other pairs of objects.
> **This tip was summarized from the Together Time activities found in
> Edmark's Thinkin' Things Toony the Loon's Lagoon. For more information
> this product, see Section C, below.
> --Recognizing patterns is an important analysis skill. Challenge your
> to repeat the patterns you draw (dot, dot, star), play (use traditional
> musical instruments or improvised ones such as pot and pan "drums"), or
> (make up a nonsense rhyme or read a fun, short poem).
> *****************************
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> software awards. We're pleased to announce both new and enhanced products
> the series. Home and school versions of the software are available.
> School versions of the Thinkin' Things (R) Series are offered in 2-user,
> 6-user, and 30-user packages. All school versions include a teacher's
> filled with suggested classroom activities (for use with the software as
> well as away from the computer) and a variety of reproducible activity
> sheets to support hands-on learning. Extend the learning and integrate
> computer time with classroom instruction!
> NEW! Thinkin' Things All Around FrippleTown
> Ages 4-8 (Grades K-2)
> Come drive the delivery van, make cookies for finicky customers, design
> collectible flags, take a roll around the skate park--and strengthen
> thinking skills along the way! All Around FrippleTown offers
> activities that encourage children to analyze attributes, use logic,
> practice reverse engineering, and make connections between math and art.
> learn more about this fun-filled product, go to
> .
> ENHANCED VERSION! Thinkin' Things Toony the Loon's Lagoon
> Ages 4-8 (Grades K-2)
> We've updated the award-winning Thinkin' Things Collection 1 and added
> online brain-teasers--a new one is provided every week! You can develop a
> rhythm with Oranga Banga, assemble Feathered Friends, create 3D art, help
> choose Fripple Guides, play a tune on one of Toony's wacky xylophones, and
> more! This powerful set of tools encourages creativity, while helping
> children strengthen observation, memory, and problem-solving skills. To
> learn more about this program, visit
> .
> ENHANCED VERSION! Thinkin' Things Galactic Brain Benders
> Ages 8-12 (Grades 3-8)
> An updated version of the award-winning Thinkin' Things Collection 3, this
> program has a whole new look and feel but retains the challenging
> that encourage children to think ahead, test hypotheses, and develop
> decision-making skills. You can experiment with the effects of virtual
> gravity and friction, program a half-time show, twist photos, and build a
> portfolio with Stocktopus. Plus, new Web-based challenges are updated
> week. To learn more about this brain-building program, go to
> .
> *****************************
> Most educators agree that critical-thinking skills are important. The
> question is--how can we help students develop them? One way that
> teachers can begin is to examine their style of questioning. There is an
> to asking questions, especially the kinds of thought-provoking, open-ended
> questions at the heart of the critical-thinking process.
> Several Web resources are available to help educators (and their
> polish their questioning skills.
> --A Questioning Toolkit
> Includes descriptions of 17 different question types, such as Probing,
> Sorting & Sifting, Clarification, and Unanswerable questions.
> --Filling the Toolbox: Classroom Strategies to Engender Student
> Provides example strategies for creating a classroom climate conducive to
> critical thinking--starting with coaching students to ask their own
> questions.
> --Much Ado About Nothing
> Discusses the importance of "doing nothing"--in other words, waiting for
> students to formulate (and think through!) their own responses.
> One means of analyzing the thinking process is Bloom's taxonomy. This
> (developed in the 1950s) categorizes cognitive learning into six levels:
> knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and
> The following two Web sites incorporate these classifications.
> --Effective Classroom Questioning
> Describes questions appropriate for each level of Bloom's taxonomy and
> includes a method for assessing your own questioning skills.
> --Verbs that Help to Describe Complexity of Behavior
> A well-organized list of verbs that can be used in questions or
> descriptions, tailored to each level of Bloom's taxonomy.
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