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Sat, 14 Aug 1999 00:21:02 EDT

All this talk about woodcuts has caused my mind to wander back several, OK
many several, years to when I first started teaching. One of my students said
his uncle, neighbor, whatever was offering me some really select pine for my
woodcut classes. All I had to do was come get it. No problem for even the
laziest of persons, right? So why is this a significant memory?
It was a coffin company. Now I am no pansy, but I have never been unmoved at
the sight of a coffin. But I figured that I would just go where the wood was
stored, load up and split. So much for well laid plans.
When I arrived at the site, I went to the office and asked for my kind
benefactor. He came out with the handshake associated with such individuals.
To get to the goldmine of fine pine we just had to go through this doorway.
Right into a darkened room full of, you guessed it, coffins with their lids
raised. I am quite sure that my benefactor was well aware of my discomfort as
he showed me their finest models. If the sharp intake of breath at the
doorway did not clue him in, surely the look of pure agony on my face did. I
know that I maintained it all the way through the display area and the
manufacturing area, especially at the sight of the small coffin intended for
a very young child. I am somewhat suspicious that he and his young friend,
relative, whatever, planned the route ahead of time. You see the area where
the wood actually was located was just on the other side of a doorway that
led directly to the spot where my car was parked. It was also just a few feet
from the door marked "office".
The wood was really good stuff, but I never went back. I got really
interested in silk screen, etching, etc. I wonder why. :-))