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Re: Fw: creationism vs. evolutionism

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Lincoln Arts (lincarts)
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 18:09:19 -0700

>I understand what you're saying, but isn't it a sad state of affairs when
>such discussions do not 'go over well' on an educational discussion list?
>If teachers/educators were to be involved in any pursuit related to their
>profession, shouldn't it be this?


>Yes, your spelling was correct.


>Strange, indeed. Do you, or anyone, have any idea why the state board would
>take such a stand? Is everyone aware of what Darwin discovered, how and
>why, and why he was so vehemently attacked by the church and religious
>factions? What did Darwin find, and what did it imply?

No, and obviously not.

>This would not be a surprising consequence. Most schools are doing just
>that with the new proficiencies. Perhaps if we put questions which require
>critical thought on the state tests, schools and teachers would teach
>thinking. What do you all think?

I think it would be a refreshing change of pace. I know some wonderful
teachers who work their tails off to teach their students, and I have seen
first-hand how having art docents in the elementary classrooms (even if it
was only 1x every three weeks) helped students to think for themselves and
do better in their regular classrooms. And there are others who only teach
what is on the tests and the focus is to improve the school's scores- not
the students' education.

And it seems they just waste their time and their student's time. Our
district just released the state scores for all the schools. They were
slightly down for the most part; and yet, the administration has been
pushing quite hard to improve the scores. The one school that increased,
and is quite 'high on the charts', is a K-8 school in a generally
economically depressed area (I HATE it when the excuse given for lower
scores is that the school is filled with poorer kids, or has a higher
percentage of ESL students - as if the teachers and students aren't trying;
to me this just shows that the administration isn't trying hard enough and
will look for the easy cop-out) (sorry, if that statement seems harsh, but....).

However, the principal at this school cares that the students receive an
education - in all aspects - and works hard to hire teachers that believe as
she does. She also focuses on the arts as an important part of the everyday
environment: everyone sings a song in the morning, there's a school garden,
EVERYONE participates in community service and keeping their assigned
section of the school cleaned up, etc, etc. The students are taught to
think for themselves, to study, to try. And guess what? Their scores came
in quite a bit higher than the other two elementary schools and the middle

Okay. I'm off my soapbox now. ;) And I realize we're off the original
subject, too. Sorry 'bout that!