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Re: Cataloging/filing resources

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wduncan (wduncan)
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 06:24:28 -0500

I have a strange system to know where reproductions are at. Most of it is how
last used. For about 12 years I have had an artist of the week every week. I
keep a list in my computer since I type up daily definitions to go with each
artist. At the end of the year I print out a list week 1 ---- week 36 or
Matisse ---- Kollwitz. I staple the lists up on one board near my desk. They
are all still there, some are a bit faded. By scanning the lists I keep from
repeating an artist in the same 3 year span. Then if I need Lucy Lewis I look
for her name and know to look in 1991's folder cause that's where I used her
last. (if I didn't pull her out for some special reason). Other prints are in
folders (just 36 inch sheets of brown wrapping paper folded over) some by group
like: O'keeffe, African-american, Chinese art, landscapes, etc. Since one print
(reproduction) could go in several categories, they aren't "mutually exclusive"
(library term) its hard to devise a system. And, since the one's really worth
using are so damn big, and you need to store them flat, it creates a demand for
shelf space. I just build more deep shelves. Some people are organized with
files, others are organized in piles. I just hope I remember what pile I put it
in last. But you know, you find 6 or 7 things that you forgot you had in the
process of looking for that one thing you need today. Good Luck, Woody in KC

Moonbeargj wrote:

> This topic really interests me. I like to think that my classroom is
> organized....but filing prints has always been a problem for me. Currently I
> have three section in my room for sizes of prints. The filing cabinet stores
> small prints, then there is a box of medium prints , and the place where I
> keep the large prints. The small and medium prints are arranged by artist.
> Then, there are the slides and fillmstrips, and transparancies. Mostly, I
> rely on my memory to find what I need. I dream of being able to pull up what
> I want, when I want it, without a lot of hassle. As the year goes on, I
> don't take (or have!) the time to put everything back right away. If I
> thought my system was good, I would probably be more motivated to keep
> everything in order.
> I'm going in to school now to get my files in order... to start alll over
> again.


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