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Re: The Grant

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wduncan (wduncan)
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 06:02:46 -0500

I won a $1500 grant that had no strings last year. If I had not I would not be
typing these words to you.
I spent the money for my personal I-mac. Most grants will not award money for
things like a kiln or printing press on the reasoning that sort of basic
equipment should be purchased by your school district. You say it is the board
of ed that is doing this ? ? ? I would suggest that you develop proposals
around how you would involve the students or how you would be able to teach
differently and that to do it you might need certain equipment. I'm recycling
left over clay and glazes in a project now. Presently we are creating ceramic
tiles on a slab roller by pressing the students linoleum plates (self-portraits)
into the clay. We bisque fire them, glaze and refire them. The intent is to
create sort of a series of (4 tiles each) murals of past 7th grade faces in the
7th grade hall. I got a small grant from arts partners a young audiences group
here in KC to pay for framing and mounting materials. We plan to install about
30 framed sets of 4 faces this fall semester. My real worry is that the cost of
battleship linoleum has shot up so much that we may have to quit doing the very
successful self-portrait prints. If anybody out there knows a reasonable source
of unmounted battleship linoleum let me know. Our district storeroom sold 2 ft
X 3 ft sheets for $8 each a few years back. Then the price went to $16 per
sheet. Last year the price was at $44 per sheet. I stopped my order when I saw
the price. I finally put an order in on my principals budget for two sheets.
With what I have on hand, I can make it through the first quarter, then I'm
out. I know I got off the topic, make the proposal about what you can do for
the kids, that's what it's all about. I think a skutt or similar kiln will cost
you around $2000. Also check out the wiring, and venting needs. When I started
teaching at Rosedale, over 20 years ago, they sent me a kiln. The next day it
was gone, wrong amount of amps in the room.

Woody in KC

BluesTruth wrote:

> I have a chance of receiving a $1,200 Fine Arts grant from the Chicago Bd. of
> Ed. next year if I'm one of the lucky ones. I am competing against a lot of
> other art teachers in Chicago who are needy like me! Have any of you write
> one of those super duper grants and received big $$$ for it? What about a
> kiln? (We don't have one in my school) If I write one for a kiln, what would
> be the reasoning for it? I need to show there is a big need for whatever I
> ask for--in my school, and back it up with an excellent reason as well.
> Help! I just don't know where to begin.
> Thanks so much!
> Jill (BT)


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