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Re: Real Life Art

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Stacey Bernstein (staceyb)
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 08:47:06 -0700

At 8:16 PM -0400 8/10/99, Wizzlewolf wrote:

>What kind of art lessons would you teach to help them realize that art is
>relevant to their lives and future? (Other than how to design tattoos! LOL)

I support the suggestions you have recieved from our colleagues, and I
reiterate the look at graffiti, there are some great videos "Style Wars" is
one that comes to mind... check out: the site
for Art is full of interesting stuff.
What I find particularly compelling about studying graffiti is the
continuum from vandalism to exquisitely executed and designed artworks...
it definitely brings in the discussion of values, personal and societal, as
well as design principles, and "can control" techniques. I taught a class
called Art in the Streets in the spring of '98 and it was great.

Look to the Survival Reasearch Labs for some big machine sculptures that
are definely impactful...those guys are wild. Kinda scary robotics and
destructive creativity...

Another approach is to look at non-visual artists... musicians for
instance...none of those folks would be where they are if they had not
discovered, nurtured and expressed their own creative spark...

contemporary heros...who are they, do some research on your own hero

it's a challenge...I now work in an alternative high school where a good
number, but not all, of our students are very like your description... the
thing that "bugs" me the most is how some students glorify violence... it's
attached to money, cars, women, street prestige... as though there is no
value system that includes compassion for these kids... (off I go... I
have to stop for now)

Hope some of this is useful.


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"A work of art is above all an adventure of mind."
- Eugene Ionesco (1912 - 1994)

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