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Re: the job

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Fri, 06 Aug 1999 12:33:01 -0500

Betty, I wish I knew what to say to make the situation better, but I'm at a
lost. It definetly sounds like you are at one of those big bumps in the road of
life. Know that your decision is a good one for you and your family and ,
someday it will all come together the way you want it to. Art can always be a
part of your life if you want it to. It doesn't have to be teaching at the
Wishing you the best of luck!

Betty Bowen wrote:

> After nine years of college, several years of jobs that were supposed to
> turn into art jobs when the funding materialized, but never did, trying to
> figure out how to go back to school for an education degree which proved
> impossible working full time, finally learning about Alternative Placement,
> applying for and being rejected by jobs all summer, I was finally just
> offered my very first teaching job. Part time. 61 students, 3 art classes,
> one art appreciation, for 4 / 7ths the state base pay. I was awakened at 4
> this morning by my brain trying to figure out how to survive as a single
> person on a take home pay of $800 a month at the age of 38. I couldn't do
> it.
> This is EXTREMELY painful. It's insane to think I'd actually work 11:15 to
> 3:15, I know good and well I'd work full time at least, probably more. Then
> I'd have to have a second job and work nights just for basic survival. The
> hours are such that any part-time jobs I could find in this area will be
> minimum wage and menial, and at night, and I have parents in their 80's and
> my dad's been in the hospital since March and I can't imagine not being
> available to them. And I'd have to quit the choir and my two non-profit
> boards, basically, I'd have to give up my life in general, small and quiet
> though it is, for a job that doesn't want me enough to pay me a living wage.
> I guess I probably have this morning to decide. It's really horrible. Saying
> no to the only offer of my life and committing myself to another year as a
> dead-end records clerk is too awful to think about. I would definitly have
> to unsubscribe from the list until youall were past the "back to school"
> phase.
> words from the wise much appreciated (and quickly)
> Betty in OK, trying to get her morning's duties done without crying. (I
> guess I want support for turning it down....assurance that Some Day Before
> I'm Too Old To Feed Myself Someone Will Let Me Teach Art)