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Re: some sympathy...

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 13:11:49 -0400

Betty, I just read your post and I'm sending you a big hug. I can only
imagine how you must feel and I know the pain you must be feeling. Before I
started teaching I worked in the "corporate world". I made extremely good
money and had great benefits but of course I was a miserable soul. When I
first went back to school to "learn" how to teach children I was
amazed...someone was actually going to pay me to do this??? I remember
saying that as I student taught. The years since then have been filled with
UGLY jobs...three schools, no prep time, kind of a lousy salary..but always
the smiling faces of those children. That is what makes it all worth while.
I have finally bumped into a great job this coming year...of course at a
time in my life when I am ready to chuck it all and become a mother
fulltime...the irony of it all! I also find myself wanting to write a
book...I know its in there..but I don't know when i am going to have th time
to put it all together! But back to point is...and they say this
"do what you love and the money will follow". Of course that may not pay
your bills....but perhaps to satisfy your art teacher craving you could
teach an after school program or teach an education program at a museum..I
did that for a little while and I enjoyed the atmosphere. AND these things
look great on a resume! Maybe if you don't focus on the FT aspect of it but
keep yourself busy with the teaching part of'll feel good. These are
just random thoughts of mine..I hope they help. I find it amazing at the
degrading options available to educators...this is one of the most important
jobs in the world...and they think we can do it rolling around building to
building, cart to cart, working out of a closet, in 25 minutes, etc...I'm
rambling...I'll stop! Best of luck...feel free to write have my
support and friendship. Stephanie