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The Psychology of Classroom Cleaning

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Fri, 6 Aug 1999 07:15:37 EDT

I believe that the "art" of classroom cleaning is very much like the "art" of
teaching. If I am presenting a new lesson, I believe that student work and
initiative is directly proportional to my presentation. If I am ill
prepared/tired/unenthusiastic about a lesson, the results that I get are
unenthusiastic/uninvolved/lame. If I am prepared with visuals, have the
objectives and steps on the bored, given them interesting background/history
and present it with enthusiasm and expectations, I get better results. I
have learned that cleaning is no different. It is hard to keep an artroom
clean, but I have found that students that work in a cluttered of messy
studio have lower standards for the cleaning process. It just makes sense,
and I think that we teach them respect for the materials. One year, I even
put this little hypothesis to test. Not only did I make a concerted effort
to keep the artroom as tidy as possible, but I put some paper mache vases
that we had made for some program, filled with artificial flower arrangements
in the center of each work area. Even if there were old cool whip bowls with
materials.lose rulers and assorted art materials on the table to be
straightened at the end of the class period- there WAS something about those
vases that just MADE those folks straighten up better. Atmosphere, ambience
of somethin just pushed them that step further.
Hope that helps some- I use the same principle at the sink. If my sink is
kept clean, pity the student that leaves a nasty brush and paint glob at the
bottom of it-
anyway, just my thoughts from a few years of observation- Its not highly
scientific, but hey, it works!!
sorry if I rambled, I generally keep a pretty low profile, but I find that
when I do post, I just dont keep it short and sweet!!