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Bathroom passes

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Wed, 04 Aug 1999 11:16:42 -0500

> Hi all,

> I don't know if we've ever gone specifically gone into the terrritory of the
> lavatory use, but here it goes.

I do agree that if you have something that works for you and your students, as
far as bathroom passes great. But I cringe when I hear teachers tell me how
proud they are that the don't let anyone go to the bathroom during THEIR class.
What's the point?
Do some take delight in making students expand their bladders? Yes, some kids
will abuse a bathroom privilige, but the majority won't. Or at least in my case
(middle school yet!) I have found they don't. A teacher should be able to easily
figure out who the abuser is and take away their privilge ,but not that of
If I was on of those limited students , I'd really personally have a problem. My
bladder seems about as big as a kidney bean at times!
I tell my students they can go when they need to. I say ,if I see that someone
is abusing the privilege of going to the bathroom to get out of work, then I
will deal with that person and not punish everyone. The only pass they need is a
hall pass and tell me they need to go. Besides the people with small bladders,
some of the ADHD kids sometimes just need to get up and expend some of their
energy (i.e.- go get a drink or lav) and then they are ready to come back and
If you force a student to not relive themselves, do you think they will be able
to concentrate any better on their work? I just meant this to be food for
thought as we go into another adventurous year in the classroom.


> . As far as bathroom passes, I use a system that is quite successful in
> my beginning studio class. In my advance classes it doesn't seem to be a
> problem. Each sememster I give the students an artistic bathroom pass sheet
> of paper with 4 numbers on it. They are allowed 4 passes to the bathroom
> with no questions asked. (tear off the cornered numbers) However if they
> hand the pass back to me at the end of the marking period unused, a 100 is
> averaged in with their other grades. Some teachers raise a grade from a B to
> an A. Whatever works for you. The students hardly go to the bathroom as a
> result and if they do they space it out so they don't use more than four.
> Thanks again for the thoughtful ideas.....I love this chatroom.
> Eileen from NY

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