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FW: grading with points

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Kevan Nitzberg (
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 23:40:47 -0600

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Date: Tue, Aug 3, 1999, 9:15 PM

There is a point system used in grading grad standard packages for
standards-based learning.
The points are not supposed to be applicable to an A-F system, though, as
they measure specific skill achievement on the tasks that make up the
packages. The tasks that make up a single package (one per course), are
then looked at in their entirety and graded holistically.

Scoring is measured as follows:

4 measures outstanding achievement on all tasks

3 measures consistantly high achievement on all tasks

2 measures satisfactory achievement on a fairly consistant basis on all

1 measures a fairly inconsistant level of achievement

0 does not meet standard because either all parts of the package were not
completed or they were done so poorly as not to merit any credit at all

Tasks are not necessarily weighted evenly, so more emphasis is placed on
some rather than others,and as a result the overall scoring has to take that
into consideration.

As the package is not the entire class, a student may pass the class without
making standard, or the opposite is also possible: a student may fail the
class even though they made standard but did abominably on the rest of the
work in the class (or decided to do nothing at all).

There are some variations to this methodology state-wide at present in MN,
and certainly are many levels of understanding about this nation-wide, but
the system has beden firmly implemented in the Anoka-Hennepin District in MN
where I teach art at the high school level. Students are required to meet a
set number of required standards and elective standards in order to graduate
(they also are to meet standards prior to high school, but failing to do so
does not cause them to be held back). The good news is that the arts are
one of the required areas of learning, and as much have become part of the
graduation requirements for all students (though this is not to say that the
classes need be limited to visual arts only).

Hope this is somewhat cloase to what you were looking for.

Kevan Nitzberg
Secondary Art Content Facilitator, District #11
Art Instructor, Anoka H.S.