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Aaron M. Morris (Myles)
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 13:07:09 -0400

n case you don't know about this site:

NativeWeb is a project of many people.
Our vision touches ancient teachings and modern
Our purpose: to provide a cyber-place for Earth's
indigenous peoples.

Ancient Teachings tell us: Spider Woman weaves a
World-Wide Web.
She creates a Way for People from Substance of her own
Body. Her
Web connects all Beings. We are Related in and through
her Web.

The content of NativeWeb at the moment is predominantly
about the
Americas, from the Arctic to Amazonia. In time, this
will change. As
access to the Web grows, as native peoples of other
continents reach
out through cyber-space, NativeWeb will grow also.
Already there are
links to the Sami of Northern Europe, the Maori of New
Zealand, and
Aboriginal Peoples of Australia.

Indigenous Peoples have much in common amidst great
spiritual practices celebrating inter-relatedness of all

Life on Earth; and
historical suffering at the hands of industrialized
nations and corporate
entities. NativeWeb is concerned with all this:
indigenous literature and
art, legal and economic issues, land claims and new
ventures in

NativeWeb is not limited to "officially recognized"
Peoples. Those who
are not "native" by blood or by government standards may

be "native"
by attitude and way of life. The truth of being "native"

is a matter of
values and not of blood. It could not be otherwise in an

mixed-blood world. Our concern is for communities rooted

in indigenous

Our purpose is not to "preserve," in museum fashion,
some vestige of
the past, but to foster communication among people
engaged in the
present and looking toward a sustainable future for
those yet unborn.

Aaron M. Morris - Founder & Chairman

The Cultural Development Group Assisting the Arts Community of South Florida through services, consultation, promotion, education, facilities, and funding. 1-800-739-ART2