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Re: Art awards

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Sun, 30 Aug 1998 14:09:11 EDT

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Each year, during the "Moving On" (to middle school) ceremony for our fifth
graders, we give certificates for all sorts of achievements, academic, band,
physical education, etc. It has been suggested that I give awards for art
achievement. >>

I have given an award for an A+ on a project. On the back, I have written "for
excellence in", and I name the project(s). This refreshed their memory.I read
this when presenting the award.
To receive an A+, the project must meet all of the criteria that I have the
kids write on the back of their artwork before beginning. I used to give them
a sheet with the criteria typed, but I found they would do the project, then
check off everything on the sheet without reading the sheet.The sheet may not
get turned in with the project, etc.
When they write the criteria, they grasp it better. Then I can grade the
project based upon each criteria and average it. For example:
uniform letter formation _____
letter height (touches guidelines)_____
uniform spacing of letters_____
center each line _____
neatness _____
effort _____
Final grade _____
I did have kids get upset and ask why they didn't get an award, I answered by
asking, "did she/he do......(I named each criteria)?" Then the next time they
would ask, before they turned it in, if it were an A+ and how to make it
better. Also, if I child received a C, I encouraged he/she to read the
suggestions I wrote on the back, do them and turn it in again to raise their
grade. I would commend them for the desire to raise their grade. I gave
numerous awards on bright, starburst paper I bought at Office Depot.I designed
them on the computer with each of their names using a great font and handwrote
my signature. I can send you one, if interested.
(formerly from 3 Catholic schools in the Chicago suburbs, but this year I'll
be in Cicero, Illinois)