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Re: awards/rewards/Loud Talkers/Classroom Proceedures

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Sat, 29 Aug 1998 09:18:34 EDT


Out side My door & on the inside as well, I have "How To Get An Art Award"
posted. It says : Follow Rules, Talk Quietly, Help Clean Up. I have some very
nice photo copied Printshop Deluxe 2 generated awards. These are entirely
based on behavior and cooperation - not product. If a class isn't good enough
to get one I give individual awards to the kids who deserve it. These are 1/2
sheet awards that say Art Award on them. If the entire class gets the award &
certain students or tables are exceptionally good I will give them the
individual award. Teachers hang them outside the room & this puts pressure on
teachers whose classes don't get them because the Principal sees them. All the
Enhancement teachers give these out & the classes not good in one class
generally aren't good in others. Some teachers reward & deny privileges to
their class based upon receipt of awards or Silent Art.
I let my students sit where they want until they show that they can't handle
it. If classes are too loud they have to raise their hand & when they are all
Quiet we put them back down. The 3rd time they are too loud they have Silent
Art for 1 minute & next time its 5 then 10 minutes. But usually I am able to
single out the loudest table or 2. If they talk during Silent Art or if they
are always loud they are moved/split up.If the class is still too loud I tell
them they have to be quiet or not talk at all and that talking is a privilege
- not an entitlement like Social Security.
Iv'e found that loud talking leads to disruptive behavior. Telling a parent
their kid is talking too loud sounds petty but telling them your classroom
procedures & that they were talking during a one minute Silent Art time or
continually being too loud even after being moved makes their kid sound like a
jerk... This works well for me in my
K-6 / 625 enrollment school in NC 25 miles E of the Blue Ridge Parkway ...Bill