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Re: Johnny Appleseed

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Fri, 28 Aug 1998 14:51:57 EDT

In a message dated 98-08-28 13:41:33 EDT, you write:

<< Why do you demo how to make paint look like apples and leaves and
grass? Why not just let the kids obeserve real trees and grass (or
pictures of the same) and work out the problem on their own?>>

Eric, this would be ideal wouldn't it? This is how I do things with my own
kids (I homeschool.) But give me a 40 minute class of 30+ 1st graders of
various learning and interest levels, no parental involvemnet, throw in
behavior problems and no access to the outdoors, then tell me if your ideas
would work. Sadly, I have observed and found through trial and error that
things in the above described situation (which by the way is more common than
not:-( need to be super prepared and structured in order to work.

<<In general, what do branches and the changing seasons of the tree have
to do with Johnny Applseed? Is there a real relationship drawn there or
is this just a project for teaching seasons?>>

He planted trees--Trees are not stagnant. They have a life similar to all
living creatures. Why not branch off and explore that too?

<<Finally, as an idea to everyone. As I recall, Johnny Appleseed traveled
the country not just to plant appletrees but to send/deliver a positive
message of some sort. How about if the kids discuss him from this
angle. What kinds of messages would they send to others? What do they
think other people need to know about or remember to make their lives
better. What kind of messages might they share with their parents or
school. Once these messages are decided upon, maybe they could make
their own apples (anyway they want) and on them include the messages.
Then deliver these home or to neighboors or to other classrooms or parts
of the school. This, it seems to me, is better related to J.A.>>

This is a great idea and another possible extension to learning about Johnny
Appleseed through art. However, in the young grades I disagree with "(anyway
they want)". Leaving things wide open for some school kids can be imobilizing
and discouraging. Giving them a couple options to choose from may be a better

<<Answers and feedback are more than welcome. Hope I didn't sound
offensive. >>

You did come off as offensive, but then I have been there and done that too!
I think everyone has. School is a great motivator. Everything seems possible
and do-able. Don't ever NOT try out your ideas because someone says it won't
work. Experiment, find out what works for you with your teaching style, your
school situation, etc.

Good luck to you. Sounds like you will make a good teacher!