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Re: Original work

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Thu, 27 Aug 1998 16:37:31 -0500

> Dear Colleagues,
> I feel "sampling" is a post-modern phenomenon, and it's a legitimate form of
> art making. For example, look at Rauschenberg and Warhol who quite
> literally copy from the mass media to make their statements. For my recent
> thesis painting exhibition, I used images from art history, mass media, and
> my own photographs as sources for the imagery in my paintings. I guess what
> I'm saying is, I feel "borrowing" images is legitimate, as long as there is
> a purpose to their use, a concept that using the images supports. I do take
> issue with a student borrowing the image and concept, as is, and calling it
> their own.
> Sincerely, Leah

Hi,Thanks all for the banter on original work. I find the replies very
interesting. But I'm not sure if
I totally understand the term "borrowing". To borrow to me is to take and give
back. Did Lichtenstein "borrow" when he drew cartoons from slides of other's
cartoons, then made minor adjustments? I'm just looking for a little
clarification on this term.
One of my professors said that we do not live in a vaccum. We need resources to
get our ideas.
Sometimes that might be a photo or some other work of art. But it should look
like a new creation not a copy.