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Art Education at the Millennium: A Critical Convergence

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Patrick Clark (pdccorwin)
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 18:09:01 -0700 (PDT)

Dear ArtsEdNet Community:

Occasionally, we at Corwin Press receive manuscripts and book
proposals in the area of Art Education. Currently, we seek reviewers
at all levels knowledgeable in the field of Art Education.

As of now, we have a proposal that needs such review.


Art educators and policy makers today have an unprecedented
opportunity to rethink how the visual arts are taught in America's
schools. This opportunity arises from a critical convergence of
ideas, theories, and technology --- all of which are pushing the arts
to the core of schooling.

"Art Education at the Millennium: A critical convergence" explores the
five key factors in this convergence: 1) goals and standards, 2)
discipline-based art education theory, 3) postmodern perspectives, 4)
constructivist teaching, and 5)computer technology.

Below is a description of our review process and a reviewer profile
form. If you are interested in reviewing for Corwin, please complete
the profile and email to patrick_clark or

TO: Prospective Manuscript Reviewers

FROM: Patrick D. Clark, M.L.I.S.
Assistant to the Director of Editorial Acquisitions
Corwin Press, Inc.
2455 Teller Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Corwin Press, Inc., a subsidiary of Sage Publications, specializes in
books and journals for professionals in the field of education. Our
mission is to offer practical, hands-on resources to help
professionals involved in K-12 and early childhood education do their
jobs better -- and, in the process, help advance the field and improve
education for everyone.

We regularly receive manuscripts for consideration and are currently
looking for knowledgeable people in a variety of fields to read and
review them. These reviewer comments are most helpful in providing
feedback to authors in order to strengthen manuscripts and produce the
best possible book.

If you would be interested in reviewing manuscripts, we would like to
talk to you about your areas of interest. Corwin Press invites
reviewers to select 2-7 complimentary books (depending on the project)
from our catalog, upon receipt of the review.

Corwin Press has proposals and manuscripts reviewed prior to
publication. If you would be willing to be a reviewer, please
complete this form and email to patrick_clark or




Please indicate whether this is the affiliation address or your home
Any review materials will be sent to this address, unless otherwise






_______early childhood education/pre-K through grade 3
_______middle grades (grades 5 - 9)
_______grades 7 - 12
_______2 - 4 year college

Please include areas of specialization, courses you have taught,
subjects you are best versed in and able to teach, or area(s) of
emphasis. Without this information, it will be hard to pinpoint those
manuscripts that will be most relevant within the context of your
experience, background, and interests.

I would be willing to review proposals or manuscripts in the following
Please include areas of specialization in conjunction with the
following list.

_______Art Education
_______childrens art

________Language Arts
______reading and its many facets
______writing (composition)
______writing (creative)
______literature curriculum development
______discourse modes
______literary criticism

The following can be viewed within the context of Art Education,
understanding that some areas may not apply.

_______course evaluation
_______curriculum evaluation
_______evaluation methods
_______student progress
_______needs assessment
_______student evaluation
_______student teacher evaluation
_______teacher/staff evaluation
_______writing/reading evaluation
_______testing and testing methods
_______preschool evaluation
_______vocational evaluation
_______computer software/technology based teaching aids/courseware

_______Early Childhood Education
_______curriculum activities (development of)
_______early intervention
_______instructional methods

_______second language instruction
_______English as a second language
_______limited English speakers
_______educational policy
_______bilingual instructional materials
_______immersion programs
_______multicultural education

_______character education

_______community/parent relations
________school community programs
________school family relationship

________behavior modification
________crisis intervention
________teachers as counselors
________adjustment (to environment)
________counseling techniques
________counselor characteristics
________career counseling
________educational counseling

_______curriculum development/design/improvement

_______discipline/classroom management

________instructional design/development
________instructional materials (textbooks, lab manuals, etc)
________courseware/use of technology


_______professional development

_______school reform/restructuring

_______special needs

_______teachers: leadership/retention/education

_______urban education


_______school-to-work/education work relationship

Patrick D. Clark
Assistant to the Director of Editorial Acquisitions
Corwin Press, Inc.
A Sage Publications Company
2455 Teller Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320-2218
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